Project Forecasting
and Analysis

Forecasting and

Monitor your capital project expenditure to stay on-track to deliver strategic outcomes on time and budget

Integrate Budget, Actual, and Project Forecasting Data in a single source of truth

Eliminate the delays and inefficiencies of extracting, manipulating, and reporting capital budgeting and project forecasting data using spreadsheets.

Stratex Online brings together business case promises, budget allocations, actual expenditure, and project forecasting estimates to complete.  This provides timely and reliable information to sponsoring executives.

Evaluate Future Benefits

Stratex project forecasting enables the profit and loss impact of your current project portfolio for decades into the future, in your global currency.

Expedite Initiatives

Identify delivery issues and take corrective actions sooner to minimize wastage and delays.

Control Budget Reallocations

Enable agile capital budget re-prioritization with confidence that all re-assignments are timely, optimized, and appropriately authorized.

Steps in Project Forecasting and Reporting

Prepare Standardized Financial Analyses

Plan costs and anticipated future returns consistently on a single platform to enable efficient and reliable consolidated reporting.

Ensure your Budgeted Capital Project Portfolio Delivers

Enable a more dynamic selection of projects that maximize your returns within your current financial and resource constraints.

Collect Project Forecasting and Actual Expenditure Estimates to Complete

Upload from spreadsheet or integrate actual project expenditure from project management and financial systems for comparison to plan.

Monitor Forecast Capital Expenditure

Control your capital investments with detailed variance analysis of forecast monthly capital expenditure.

Re-evaluate Anticipated Returns

Re-evaluate anticipated benefits when considering supplementary funding and as part of your post-implementation review.

Executive Capital Expenditure Reporting

Evaluate the pipeline, performance, and impact of your strategic project portfolio with confidence.

Prepare Standardized Financial Analyses

When financial business cases are prepared using spreadsheet models it is onerous to produce consolidated analyses.

Stratex Online provides centralized repository of all project costs and returns to enable consolidated analysis of all cost components and projected future revenues and savings.

Classify and Analyze Financial Flows

Assign financial classifications to all investments costs and returns to enable insight into cost components and the future profit and loss impacts of your project portfolio.

Apply Consistent Rate Assumptions and Calculations

Automatically apply consistent currency translation, depreciation, taxation and discount rates and calculations to ensure the accuracy and reliability of portfolio analysis.

 Link Activities to Generate Reliable Monthly Cashflows

Identify the dependency between project activities and related returns to predict future cashflows more efficiently as project schedules shift.

Ensure your Budgeted Project Portfolio Delivers

The goal of capital budgeting is to ensure that capital and human resources are allocated to the projects that deliver the greatest return on investment.

Stratex Online enables generation of updated financial projections to provide executives with confidence that their capital project portfolio is on-track to deliver expected results through accurate project forecasting.

Analyze Budget Allocation to your Project Portfolio

Never miss out on a great idea by allowing users access from any device with their existing credentials, whether walking the factory floor or having a midnight inspiration.

Track Budget Reallocations in Detail

Compare any two versions of your capital budget to identify all budget reallocations that have occurred.

Forecast the Timing and Financial Impact of your Current Investments

Re-evaluate the forecast investment cashflow and income statement impact of your latest capital budget version.

Collect Actual Expenditure and Forecast Estimates to Complete

Capital projects never go exactly to plan so it is important to track actual costs and forecast expenditure to enable mitigating action as required.

Stratex Online allows both actual costs and forecasts to completion estimates to be recorded for reporting purposes.

Upload Actuals and Forecasts from Spreadsheets

Manually enter actuals and forecasts or easily upload in-bulk from spreadsheets to ensure that future capital allocations consider past experience.

Integrate with Source Financial and Project Management Systems

Consume the secure Application Programmable Interface (API) to automatically update Stratex Online with actual costs and estimates from your operational systems.

 Control Month-end Close and Translations

Achieve a timely and controlled month-end close with efficient locking of prior periods and easy exchange rate maintenance.

Monitor Forecast Capital Expenditure

To fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities, senior executives are required to ensure that actual capital expenditure is within approved limits and delivers tangible value.

Stratex Online provides a reliable single source of truth for the effective allocation and monitoring of capital expenditure for effective project forecasting.

Compare Forecast Versions

Compare forecast expenditure by version throughout the year to assess whether anticipated expenditures are realistic and achievable.

Forecast Variance to Budgeted and Approved Expenditure

Analyze and chart the variances between budgeted, approved and forecast capital expenditure to focus on areas and projects of specific concern.

Identify Exchange Rate Variances

Identify the capital expenditure variances in group currency related to foreign exchange rate variances.

Re-evaluate Anticipated Returns

In an unstable operating environment of high inflation, rising interest rates, and fluctuating exchange rates, it is important to ensure that your business cases continue to stack-up.

Stratex Online supports a continuous assessment of business case financial metrics to enable efficient re-prioritization and reallocation of resources as required.

Update Business Case Metrics

Easily re-evaluate financial assessments whenever supplementary funding is requested to ensure additional budget allocation is justified.

Prepare Reliable Financial Guidance

Confidently prepare financial impact projections based on consistent financial analysis templates, common planning assumptions and a single, reliable source of truth.

 Conduct Post-Implementation Reviews

Conduct post-implementation reviews and update actual benefit assessments to ensure that business case promises are realized.

Executive Capital Expenditure Reporting

Executive managers are responsible for guiding an organization towards achievement of its strategic objectives through the wise investment of human and capital resources.

Stratex Online provides a single source of reliable data and effective dashboard analytics to help executives monitor and control this progress.

Enterprise Reporting in Group Currency

Evaluate global operations in a common currency to assess overall expenditure compared to plan.

Pipeline and Impact Analysis

Visualize the nature and value of candidate projects and the updated financial impact of your in-progress project portfolio towards achieving your strategic goals.

Flexible End-User Analysis and Dashboards

Allow financial analysts to securely extract and produce tailored reports and dashboards using external BI tools including Microsoft Excel® and PowerBI®.

How Stratex Online will transform your Capital Expenditure Project Forecasting and Reporting

Stratex Online is a cloud-based software solution powered by IQX Business Solutions that helps you achieve your strategic objectives sooner, at lowest cost and least risk. By providing a single source of truth from planning and approval through project execution, Stratex Online enables executives to closely monitor the successful delivery of mission critical projects. Detailed variance analysis allows managers to easily identify delivery issues and take mitigating action to prevent resource wastage and to ensure anticipated outcomes are achieved. Eliminate manual compilation of spreadsheet reports, and deliver timely, dependable, and flexible self-service analytics. Get Stratex Online today to make sure your project forecasting and initiatives are on-track to deliver the best return on investment.