Build an Effective Business Case

Build an Effective
Business Case

Optimize your capital allocation with consistent and reliable evaluation for business cases. 

Evaluate Business Cases effectively to maximize your Return on Invested Capital

Spreadsheet-based business cases are error prone and may apply inconsistent formulae and assumptions. Stratex Online provides an online template to ensure that all project proposals are consistently prepared, reviewed and endorsed and to allow managers to confidently evaluate and prioritize projects.

Effective Business Case Preparation

Save time and ensure consistency with online business case templates that are easy to complete with project definition, evaluation, and scoring based on standardized assumptions and consistent evaluation criteria.

Calculate Reliable Financial Metrics

Capture project investment, operational expenditure, and financial return to consistently calculate reliable financial metrics including Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and discounted Payback Period.

Collaborative Review and Approval

Engage multiple perspectives and expertise to review and approve projects to ensure thorough evaluation, identification of potential issues, and effective prioritization.

Business Case Preparation and Evaluation Process

Prepare Business Cases for Candidate Projects

Focus investment initiative development effort on approved and budgeted investment proposals.

Assess Benefits with Reliable Financial Metrics

Ensure that key financial metrics relied upon for project prioritization are accurate and consistently determined.

Prioritize Business Cases Effectively

Evaluate Financial Metrics together with Strategic Alignment, Urgency, and Risk.

Approve Business Cases with Confidence

Automate workflow to ensure managers receive submissions with all the key information to make wise decisions.

Prepare Business Cases for Effective Project Evaluation

Business Cases are prepared to provide executive management justification for and confidence in the allocation of capital to projects.

Stratex Online offers adaptable templates tailored to your requirements the size of the investment.

Explore Alternatives

Delve deeper into the underlying business problems or opportunities, identify potential alternatives and give approvers the ability to choose the preferred options.

Schedule Project Activities and Resources

Link project activities to internal or external resources and classify consistently to conduct in-depth analysis of project costs and dependencies.

Calculate Financial Benefits

Analyse the monthly cashflow and financial impact of a project incorporating depreciation, taxation, exchange rates, risk, and the time value of money.

Make better decisions with Reliable Financial Metrics

Financial metrics including Payback Period, Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, and Return on Invested Capital are important to calculate accurately.

Stratex Online provides standardized Financial Analysis templates that generate reliable Financial Metrics for more confident project evaluation and capital allocation.

Standardize Discount and Exchange Rates

Automatically calculate net present value using standardized discount rates and ensure foreign currency transactions are consistently translated for reliable reporting.

Automate Depreciation and Tax Shield Calculations

Assign asset classifications with standardised useful lives and legal entity-specific taxation and discount rates to automatically calculate the “tax shield” associated with capital investments.

Modernized Accounting Views

Classify project benefits to automatically calculate the impact of a project on key financial accounting metrics such as EBITDA, EBIT, and Net Income.

Streamline and Strengthen Business Case Evaluation

Business Cases offer the reasoning and justification for investing time and money to achieve desired outcomes.

Stratex Online provides ready-to-go online templates, automated calculations, standardized scoring, document management and workflow capabilities to make the evaluation process more efficient and effective.

Impact of Doing Nothing

Assess the urgency of an initiative based on the risk of actual or opportunity cost of doing nothing utilizing risk matrices and other assessment tools.

Categorize and Evaluate Business Cases

Classify and assess projects based on criteria appropriate to your investment reasons which may include sustenance, growth, compliance, and transformation.

Rank Projects for Portfolio Optimization

Appy customized scoring models that consider strategic alignment, urgency, benefits, and risks to generates a reliable project utility and prioritization score.

Enhance Project Collaboration, Endorsement and Approval

Executive management relies on their team of experts to provide functional, technical, and commercial project feasibility assessments.

Stratex Online facilitates effective development collaboration, specialist endorsement, and executive approval of projects.

Collaborate Online

Invite your team members to collaborate, discover options, add supporting documentation, review financial analysis, and answer questions.

Engage for Specialist Endorsement

Engage specialists such as IT engineering, procurement and finance to endorse project proposals prior to submission for executive approval.

Comply with Delegation of Authority Approval Levels

Efficiently route business cases for approval based on an intuitive and easy-to-maintain approval matrix.

Discover the Power of Stratex Online: Revolutionize Your Business Case Preparation and Approval Process Today!

Stratex Online is a software as a Service (SaaS) solution, powered by IQX Business Solutions, that enables organizations to prepare high quality business cases for more confident project prioritization and approval by executive management. All business cases are produced using a standardized framework, using consistent assumptions to automatically calculate reliable financial metrics. These financial metrics are combined with other risk and strategic assessments to help managers prioritize and execute the projects that will matter most.

Get Stratex Online to make sure you are assessing projects effectively and optimizing the value of your project portfolio today.