Stratex Online New Features and Functionality

We are thrilled to showcase the latest features and functionality of Stratex Online! As one of the most comprehensive and innovative platforms for managing capital budgeting, Stratex Online continues to grow to provide an even more seamless and powerful approach to the capital budgeting process.

This article will be continually updated with the latest features and functionality that Stratex Online has to offer. Whether you are a project manager, a financial analyst, or a decision-maker in your organization, you’re about to unlock a whole new level of efficiency, collaboration, and strategic insights.

Features and Functionality with Stratex Online V4.0

Stratex Online is well known for its ability to assist stakeholders in defining, scoring, and ranking their capital and strategic projects. The previous version (V3.0) brought in new features and functionality to support portfolio selection and approval with the ability to see the effect of different portfolio selections on both your revenue and bottom line for the next 10 years.

With the release of V4.0’s features and functionality, Stratex Online now offers complete Delegation of Authority approval workflow capabilities. This represents a significant leap forward for the product. The process can now start with a user on the front-line having a brilliant Idea, taking that through the definition and approval stages until, if appropriate, it reaches the CEO for final approval and transitioning into a project.

Required Delegation of Authority roles are flexibly defined by value limits and whether the initiative is budgeted, the investment reason, the investment type, and any additional category. The sequence of approvals allows for both parallel and consecutive approvals. Reminder, delegation and escalation functionality further helps expedite the approval flow. And, of course, decision tasks are included in OneList for mobile and even more convenient access.

Workflow features and functionality screenshot of Stratex Online

Features and functionality to assist with process administration includes a Workflow Monitor to keep check on the flow of approval process for each project, highlighting bottlenecks and enabling re-determination of assignees where people or workflow rules have changed.

To ensure your delegation of authority policies are operating as expected, features and functionality include a Test Harness to validate your configuration.

Workflow Investment Reason: features and functionality screenshot of Stratex Online

Stratex Online is fast becoming the go-to software to manage your complete capital budgeting process in one place. With an integrated financial analysis, supporting documentation, conversation history, and approval audit trail all easily accessible, approvers are able to make the right choices, more confidently, than ever before. More features and functionality are to come with Stratex 5.0!

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